Financial Controller

20/12/2023 | Chile (Remote)


We are looking for a seasoned consultant with a minimum of 10 years of proven experience in the specified role. The responsibilities encompass comprehensive financial oversight, including meticulous control of the company's EBITDA, strategic calculation, and optimization of service profitability, as well as approval of project profitability. The role demands a keen eye for detail in reviewing and authorizing payments for salaries and commissions to all staff. Additionally, responsibilities extend to a thorough examination of costs, balance, and EERR, with a prompt reporting system for early alerts. The consultant will play a pivotal role in the continuous monitoring and review of budgets across various company areas. Effective negotiation skills are crucial for engaging with suppliers and financial institutions, and the consultant is expected to execute bank reconciliations diligently. Active involvement in updating and managing the weekly and monthly financial flow of the company is paramount. Beyond financial management, the consultant will be responsible for overseeing the procurement of licenses or tools, actively participating in the invoicing process, and providing crucial support in the collection of invoices with clients. Analyzing and projecting monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual expenses are also integral aspects of the role. Administrative duties include the execution of essential procedures and the review and implementation of benefits for collaborators. Seamless coordination with accountants and lawyers is vital for the management of contracts and necessary administrative documents. This includes a pivotal role in reviewing contracts and NDAs for clients within specified timeframes. Qualified candidates are invited to submit their CV to, and we encourage you to stay connected by following us on social media using #HumanitasIT or by visiting our LinkedIn page.


minimum of 10 years of experience to oversee critical financial functions, including EBITDA control, optimization of profitability for services and projects, salary review, and authorization of payments. The role also involves cost analysis, budget monitoring, negotiation with suppliers, bank reconciliations, and effective management of weekly and monthly cash flow. Additionally, responsibilities include handling the procurement of licenses, invoicing, and projecting monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual expenses.


Carry out administrative procedures. Review and implement benefits for collaborators. Coordinate with accountants and lawyers for the management of contracts and necessary administrative documents. Review contracts and NDAs for clients within required timelines.


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